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EEG Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that measures brain activity in real-time and harmonizes brain waves naturally without medication. During a neurofeedback session the brain is provided a signal that it understands using video, audio, and tactile stimulation. Through positive reinforcement the brain begins to learn how to bring abnormally fast and slow brain waves into coherence. With ongoing training the brain gets itself unstuck from rigid and abnormal patterns and creates new healthy ones.

The overall goal of Neurofeedback is to teach your brain to self-regulate in a healthy way and to recover more quickly from the fight-freeze-flight response. As your brain makes changes mood improves and symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression and insomnia are alleviated.

Neurofeedback is a safe, effective and long lasting treatment and can be used as an alternative or in conjunction with medications. The therapy will not change your personality but will positively shift your mental and emotional well-being so you can feel more in control of your life. Thousands of people have been helped by Neurofeedback to achieve long term symptom relief and improved quality of life.

Most people see obvious results starting to appear within the first 10 sessions and many people feel the effects of the training in the moment. Sessions need to be attended regularly with two times per week being optimal. The process begins with an assessment of your background, current functioning, and lifestyle inventory. Changes in symptoms will be tracked after each session so you can see the progress that you are making.

If you would like further information about Neurofeedback please contact our intake department to learn more. We offer free consultations with out therapists who specialize in this treatment.

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