The Therapeutic Process

The First Session With Your Therapist

The first session with your therapist is very important. Your therapist needs to gather pertinent information including your current functioning, background history, medications and other health related information. It is important to have this information available for your therapist. Your therapist may also administer some questionnaires which may provide further information about your current functioning.

The Treatment Plan

By the second or third session your therapist will have a treatment plan completed fo you. The treatment plan will include mutually agreed goals to work through, the underlying mechanisms perpetuating symptoms, and the therapeutic modalities that will be used in therapy. Your therapist may recommend other services including workshops, group therapy programs, or other wellness services that may be beneficial.

Duration Of Therapy

There is no set time for therapy. Our therapists work both in brief therapy models (therapy lasting between 6 and 10 sessions) or long term therapy (lasting months or even years). In many instances finances and time are limitations. Our therapists are trained in therapeutic modalities that are “brief” in nature but also work towards accelerating the therapeutic process by minimizing or resolving persistent and distressful symptoms. Your therapist may recommend commencing therapy weekly, but then gradually transitioning you to bi-weekly and monthly appointments. Empirical research evidence does suggest regular, consistent therapy produces better outcomes.

Satisfaction In Therapy

We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the service you are receiving at Newmarket Therapy Centre. If you are experiencing difficulties with your therapist, or feel that you are not progressing in therapy, we want to know. Please inform our intake specialist if you have concerns. If a therapist change is required, or if clients want to try other therapies provided by other therapists, we can co-ordinate the transition for you.

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