Psychotherapist Team

Denise Gordon BA, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapists


Denise is passionate about wellness! A strong belief in mind and body healing and an intuitive approach to therapy guides her clients to recover from trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and relationship problems. CBT, DBT, Solution Focused.

Denise At A Glance


  • NCognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • NSolution Focused Therapy
  • NHolistic Therapy
  • NClient Centred Therapy

Service Delivery

  • NAdults, Couples, Families, Teens/Adolescents
  • NIn-Office, Online Video & Phone Therapy

Issues Treated

  • NTrauma
  • NGrief
  • NAnxiety
  • NDepression
  • NCommunciation
  • NRelationship Transitions
  • NSelf-Esteem
  • NAquired Brain Injury

Insurance Coverage

  • NRegistered Social Worker


  • $$160/hour

Office Hours

  • $Monday - 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • $Tuesday - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • $Wednesday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Training & Experience

Health & Wellness Psychotherapist

Denise Gordon is a health and wellness psychotherapist who endeavors to assist each client in becoming the best version of themselves. It may take a few sessions or multiple, but positive change is possible for everyone and Denise is here to guide you on this, much needed, journey of healing.

A Passion for Healing the Mind & Soul

Denise has always had a distinct passion and ability to help people and she decided to begin the journey of educationally equipping herself at the University of Toronto where she earned her Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree. She worked in various not-for-profit and private entities doing what she loved, helping people live their best lives. She began to carve out a niche, which involved educating, empowering and elevating individuals, couples and families to the next level of awareness and wholeness. As she equipped and empowered others to thrive and grow in all important aspects of life, Denise felt that she could impact and serve more people more effectively by increasing her education and that is exactly what she did.

Individual, Couple & Family Therapy

Denise earned her Master’s of Social Work Degree at the University of Windsor where she thrived in the areas of clinical counselling, including individual, couples and family therapy. Denise is a strengths-based psychotherapist and registered member in good standing with the Ontario Association of Social Workers and Social Service Worker. Denise is also a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

Client Centered, Intuitive & Eclectic Approach to Healing Trauma, Grief & Depression

Denise has accumulated a wealth of experience working with various populations ranging from children to seniors, helping them to cope with and overcome a plethora of life’s challenges including trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, communication, relational transitions and self-esteem, to name a few. Denise has extensive experience working with client’s who are survivors of acquired brain injury, client’s with various mental health diagnoses and conducting required biopsychosocial assessments in order to best support individuals living in the community and institutions. In order to meet her client’s unique set of needs, Denise is a client-centered, intuitive, holistic therapist who utilizes an eclectic approach to therapy, pulling strongly on cognitive behavioural and solution focused therapy modality skills.

If you are in need of change that can positively affect you, MIND, BODY and SPIRIT, Denise is here to guide you along this healing journey. Make your wellness your priority and all other aspect of life can be free to come into alignment.

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